When Are Rolled Chicken Tacos Coming Back To Taco Bell

When Are Rolled Chicken Tacos Coming Back To Taco Bell?

Taco Bell’s Rolled Chicken Tacos are back just in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner parties! These delectable shredded chicken tacos, similar to taquitos, make the perfect bite-sized snack when dunked in guacamole, nacho cheese or spicy ranch for an exciting holiday meal – they offer an exciting change from soggy stuffing or boring beige mush.

Taco fans can now order Rolled Chicken Tacos online and pick them up at select locations nationwide. In addition, Taco Bell has introduced its new Triplelupa which features a three-in-one tear-apart crispy Chalupa with seasoned beef, three cheese blend, lettuce and tomatoes and is served with either nacho cheese sauce on one side or both: nacho and chipotle for double the flavor! Now available at select Orange County locations at just $3.49 or as part of an affordable combo deal that includes Triplelupa, Crunchy Taco and large drink for just $5.49 combo deal!

Taco Bell has an established track record of offering limited-edition menu items at limited intervals, which often prove popular with customers and become permanent offerings. Sometimes however, certain products must be taken off for strategic reasons – in 2020 the brand made headlines when its popular Mexican Pizza item was taken off for good; South Asian consumers in particular lamented this move and its absence from their menus was widely felt as they enjoyed this crunchy and cheese-rich treat!

Taco Bell has been busy creating unique dining experiences. In the last year alone, they’ve launched a Taco Shoppe with more than 12 different foods including quesadillas and tacos as well as several beverage offerings such as iced coffee and lemonade to their menu.

These new items represent Taco Bell’s ongoing efforts to live its motto “Live Mas.” More than just an catchphrase, “Liv Mas” drives their entire organization forward – offering consumers an unforgettable experience each time they step through their door.

Taco Bell’s latest offering – rolled chicken tacos – are an outstanding example of its motto being put into action. Easy and deliciously satisfying, these delectable snack will certainly be a crowd pleaser at any holiday gathering or family reunion.

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