Ah Eau De Parfum Anthony Hopkins

Anthony Hopkins AH Eau De Parfum

Anthony Hopkins is no stranger to multi-tasking as a celebrity: an Oscar winner, avid painter (his Instagram followers know he has an exceptional skill for it), Hungarian rescue cat owner and accomplished pianist; now the 82-year-old actor is adding fragrance brand inspired by art, music and cinema, the AH Eau de Parfum Collection for home scent candle and diffuser sales proceeds will benefit No Kid Hungry.

Gender-neutral fragrance “awaken your soul and unleash what lies within.” The minimalist packaging includes Hopkins’ own original artwork on one side as a lasting reminder to awaken one’s own spirit and embrace what lies within.

If you want to experience the unisex scent for yourself, the AH website offers it for $75 along with candles and diffusers. Over time, its creator has softened; nowadays you’re more likely to find him relaxing at home with Niblo the cat, painting or soothing his nerves with piano playing.

Margam Fine Art and Twila True Collaborations collaborated on the creation of The AH Collection, which draws its inspiration from Welsh actor Jonny Rees’ passions for art, music, and film. Every purchase contributes 50 meals towards No Kid Hungry programs worldwide.

AH Eau de Parfum can now be found at the official ANTHONY HOPKINS AH store on Desertcart, shipping to over 164 countries globally. Trusted and legit since 2014, Desertcart has gained an outstanding reputation within the industry as a secure shopping environment with advanced security systems and technologies making them a safe place for shoppers who value reputable retailers who won’t try and scam you out of money; Trustpilot reviews from past customers have also proven this. Furthermore, their policies and practices can also be found online.

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