What Happened To Shane From Street Outlaws

What Happened to Shane From Street Outlaws?

Are You Wondering Where Shane From Street Outlaws Has Gone?? Fans of Discovery Channel’s show Street Outlaws may have been left wondering where the popular racer Shane went after not appearing on any episodes for some time – which has many wondering whether or not he still races and what his status with them might be?

Shane McAlary is a professional drag racer who makes his living competing on the popular reality series Street Outlaws. Since competing, he has become an iconic member of this show and part owner of an auto shop which specializes in street and race cars.

Shane was exposed to drag racing through his father, who raced his Blackbird Chevrolet Vega on Street Outlaws from western Oklahoma where he lived as a child. This inspired a life-long love of drag racing from him, leading him to begin racing himself at 12 years old and becoming known for this car in western Oklahoma and later beyond.

At Thunder Valley Raceway in Bristol, Tennessee he was involved in an extremely dangerous crash, during filming of an episode for his show. Racing another driver when losing control and striking against a wall caused it to be totaled – leading to Shane suffering concussion as a result of this collision.

Although Shane was unfortunate in being involved in this accident, it wasn’t entirely his responsibility. He was racing his car on an asphalt road that didn’t meet safety requirements for street races; additionally, he was driving at high speed when an incident took place.

Ryan Fellows’ family filed a wrongful death suit against the production company for reality TV show Street Outlaws and several other defendants over his fatal crash, alleging gross negligence on their part for not moving his drag races elsewhere, even though there were known safety issues with that location.

Shane is not only a drag racer; he’s also a loving husband and father to Ashley, his partner of over 10 years; they share two children together and live in Elk City, Oklahoma where most of their time can be found either racing at their track or working at their shop.

What Happened to Shane From Street Outlaws

Shane McAlary first joined the cast of Street Outlaws during season 6. A professional drag racer, he now owns his own shop in Elk City and hosts The Chief and Shawn Show podcast with Big Chief as well as having his own YouTube channel that addresses both personal life and career in car racing industry – with an enormous following online.

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