Sweepstakes Robbery Raleigh Nc

Raleigh Sweepstakes Robbery

Sweepstakes parlors are 24-hour businesses where people come and go all day long, which makes it hard to anticipate crime there. But that was precisely what happened this week in Raleigh: four men held up a sweepstakes at gunpoint early Tuesday morning and shot one security guard, leaving non-life-threatening injuries behind while fleeing with an unknown amount of money from their loot.

On Monday evening in Raleigh, two armed robberies occurred at two sweepstakes internet cafes – believed to have been perpetrated by one individual who managed to flee with an undisclosed sum of money from both locations – Skill Masters Sweepstakes on Hillsborough Street and Win City Sweepstakes on Glenwood Avenue respectively – leaving police searching for suspects at both.

Police have not disclosed any details regarding the suspects; for instance, what kind of weapon was used during each robbery or how many occurred simultaneously; it remains unknown if any links exist amongst them or not.

Authorities do not yet know whether the suspects were armed, though it’s possible they possessed handguns. While investigations are underway, no charges have yet been brought in relation to this incident.

Before Launice Battle was arrested for murder charges in 2021, people inside a Raleigh sweepstakes reported seeing her several times. She would frequently visit Vegas Style Sweepstakes located on Atlantic Springs Road where she would ring the video doorbell and spend hours gambling in its gaming rooms; her staff described her as being friendly and generous with their winnings.

Police stopped a vehicle this morning for suspicious activity outside a business in Raleigh and its occupant ran from them, according to Raleigh Police Chief Estella Patterson. Radio chatter indicated the suspect was trying to avoid arrest before jumping into nearby woods where he was then tased before finally becoming unresponsive during life-saving attempts and being placed into handcuffs by officers.

Heavy police presence was present in the parking lot connecting both businesses. CBS 17 crews stopped by Supreme Sweepstakes but found it empty; when employees asked them to leave they requested that CBS 17 leave as well.

This incident sparked an internal review of Raleigh police use of force policies and reminded citizens that Raleigh has stringent gun-shooting regulations; all officers involved will be placed on administrative leave while internal affairs will investigate further into what led up to this shooting.

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