Tv Animation Edition Pokemon Cards Value

Topps Pokemon Cards – TV Animation Edition

Early days of Pokemon trading card game was all the rage among fans, as players competed to collect as many rare cards as possible and some rare ones could even fetch millions. Over time however, interest began to fade and many cards ended up forgotten or sitting idle in storage containers; but thanks to recent rises in value some cards may now be worth something again if left sitting around for too long – perhaps now is the time to see what your prize card might be worth?

While most Pokemon cards feature pictures, some feature animation. These cards, known as TV Animation Edition and first released in 1999, consist of 76 Pokemon cards plus 10 pop-up cards and 13 scene cards from anime shows that highlight specific scenes or locations from each anime show. They were distributed through various methods and promotions at fast food chains.

Topps created various spinoff sets of Pokemon trading cards for Topps’ Pokemon franchise, such as first appearance hologram cards, TV episode cards, sticker cards and film frame cards. Some of the most sought-after cards from these sets include shadowless Venusaur cards that can sell for as much as $6,500; these were produced as part of a contest run by Nintendo and considered very rare.

Other high-value cards in this set are the 2000 Topps TV Animation clear cards, valued at an estimated $11,000 for a sealed box. This rare set contains six first appearance cards of Hoothoot, Slowking, Bellossom, Ledyba Elekid and Lugia; according to reports only one such card can be found per 12 boxes – making these rare gems particularly valuable!

One of the more memorable cards in this set was a trophy card featuring Kangaskhan, an unusual Pokemon with a pouch full of baby animals. To obtain this card, collectors needed to earn 50,000 member points from Daisuki Pokemon fan club within one year; it became a popular way for Japan parents and children to form relationships together through Pokemon fandom.

Another high-value card from this set is the 2000 Topps Pokemon The Movie clear card, estimated to be valued at $3,000 in a PSA 10 holder. Given as a present by Tsunekazu Ishihara to mark his 60th birthday celebrations and unique among Pokemon cards with both front and back holograms.

Prices of rare Pokemon cards may have dropped recently, but they’re still worth looking at. Many feature intricate artwork created by amazing artists – don’t hesitate to take a peek and see what treasures await you on eBay and other websites!

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