Sharlee Jeter Net Worth

Sharlee Jeter Net Worth

Sharlee Jeter is the younger sister of former MLB star Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees and an accomplished philanthropist and businesswoman in her own right, with an impressive net worth and international recognition gained as a result of her impressive career achievements.

As of 2023, Sharlee Jeter is estimated to be worth an estimated net worth of approximately $5 Million. Her main sources of income come from various business ventures and celebrity status/endorsements. Furthermore, she has established herself on social media and amassed an impressive following there as well as making charitable donations via her foundation.

As well as her work with Turn 2 Foundation – founded by her in 1996 to assist young people avoid drugs and alcohol – she has also had an accomplished business career. She serves on several Boards of Directors for various companies and currently acts as Vice President of Strategic Development at Jeter Ventures. Furthermore, she is an author herself; co-writing the book The Stuff: Unlock Your Power to Overcome Challenges, Soar and Succeed with Dr Sampson Davis is among her publications.

She holds stakes in several real estate properties and sports teams, in addition to holding positions in numerous businesses such as BodyArmor which she helped launch before it was sold for over $1 billion by Coca-Cola in 2020. Over her career she has also amassed an impressive list of celebrity endorsements as the face of several high-profile brands.

Sharlee Jeter has managed to maintain an amazingly discreet personal life despite her high-profile status. Although she has never married, and details about her relationships remain scarce; it is known she was engaged to rapper Skyzoo in 2006 before their engagement was called off and they later parted ways in 2010. Sharlee Jeter is now dating someone new.

As well as her business and philanthropic pursuits, she boasts an active social media presence with the strong drive to make an impactful contribution in the world. She serves as an inspiring role model to many women and has shown them that success doesn’t always equal financial gains.

Sharlee Jeter already boasts an impressive portfolio, and we expect her wealth to only increase with time. Her social media following and charity work are highly respected; in addition, she has established herself as an accomplished businesswoman. It is likely that, as she advances her professional career, sharlee Jeter will find that her fortunes continue to increase while expanding her philanthropic efforts further helping the community where she resides and works – this journey promises great things! We look forward to the adventures ahead for Sharlee! Keep up the amazing work Sharlee; we look forward to witnessing what lies ahead!

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