Burnt Olive Ugg Boots

Burnt Olive Ugg Boots

UGG(r)’s burnt olive ugg boots are an essential companion from summer strolls to autumn festivities, offering easy on/off functionality, a convenient side zip, pre-treated suede material and 17 millimetre thick upcycled sheepskin UGGplush(tm). With their classic Ultra Mini silhouette updated with easy on/off functionality and super soft UGGplush(tm) upcycled sheepskin lining this boot offers all that makes UGG great while being compact enough to wear with virtually anything – made right here in Australia!


Established on the shores of Southern California in 1978, today UGG is revered worldwide for their stylish yet comfortable footwear and accessories that channel ’70s surf culture. Celebrities, athletes and everyday fashionistas all choose UGG as they prefer its casual surf aesthetic and comfort factor.

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