Tullahoma Theater

Tullahoma Theater

Tullahoma theater is an entertainment complex that features multiple screens with new release movies. This theater features plush seating and a concession stand. It is a perfect place to see a film with your family or friends. It has several new release films each week. The movie experience is sure to be a memorable one.

The Marshall Theatre was a landmark in Tullahoma. It opened in 1940 and was designed in Art Deco style. It was a landmark for the city and was one of the first theaters in the state. The Marshall Theatre closed in 1985 after decades of service. There are other historic landmarks in Tullahoma, such as the Tullahoma Baptist Church.

The show is controversial, with religious leaders in Tullahoma opposing the production. The e-mail alerts clergy to a performance of Pulitzer Prize-winning musical Rent. It is presented by the South Jackson Civic Center, which also produces Performing Arts for Children and Teens.

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