Trina Braxton Weight Loss

Trina Braxton and Weight Loss Surgery

Trina Braxton has had to overcome her weight issues throughout her long and successful musical career, and this led her to undergo weight loss surgery as an option. Diet and exercise programs had mixed success but eventually she decided on surgery as the solution for Trina. Although risks associated with going under the knife exist, Trina decided it was worth going this route for health purposes.

Traci is one of three sisters who make up iconic R&B group The Braxtons: Toni and Towanda. After leaving The Braxtons in 2007, she pursued a singing career while also making waves in reality television as one of its cast members in Braxton Family Values from 2011-20. Additionally, Traci released her solo album Crash and Burn as well as often collaborated with Toni and Towanda on their albums as well.

Women’s rights advocate and participant of multiple charities such as the National Domestic Violence Hotline. She has participated in discussion panels, speaking about domestic abuse; appeared as a guest on TV show Sister Circle; and is involved with other charitable initiatives.

Traci has often spoken publicly about her struggles with her weight. Since childhood, she has attempted to lose weight through various diets and exercises programs; even discussing weight loss surgery on multiple occasions.

Recently, however, she has come under scrutiny for her sudden weight loss. Fans were quick to notice this when she posted a picture from her son’s wedding on social media and viewers expressed concerns. Though she eventually turned comments off on this photo, fans still felt concerned by its appearance.

She has pledged her dedication and efforts towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle and serving as an example for her daughters. We wish her the best in all future endeavors!

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