Tamron Hall White Dress

Tamron Hall Wears a White Dress Outside Her Studio

Tamron Hall is living her best life! Both her talk show, Talk of the Town, is winning awards and she recently gave birth for a second time; these achievements combined have her living at their peak. Fashion wise she is shining through as well; recently seen wearing an amazing trapeze dress outside her studio which showed off her impressive legs to perfection! Pairing this look with strappy heels proved that Tamron had been working out. In fact, last year she told Harper’s Bazaar about using Tonal and Lululemon studios for at-home workouts which she swears by now with impressive legs to prove it!

Tamron Hall has long been a style icon, and we love every outfit she wears. Tamron shines especially bright in spring. This season she embraces floral prints and feminine silhouettes while mixing popular hues such as sorbet, lilac, and neon into her look. Recently on The Tamron Hall Show airing every Saturday at 10 a.m. ET she revealed how she styles eye-catching pieces.

Tamron Hall Show goes beyond fashion and beauty advice – it also serves as a forum to address critical topics affecting our society. Tamron has been nominated for several awards this season, such as NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Informative Talk Show.

Megyn Kelly took over Megyn Coulter’s spot as Today’s third hour host and Coulter left, leaving the role vacant 450 days ago. Since then, Coulter has not spoken out publicly regarding either decision nor her feelings on Megyn taking her place on Today.

She recently made headlines for other reasons as well, such as her decision to remove all face fillers and silicone injections. Former HB cover star had an interview with the show where she discussed her journey towards more natural-looking features.

As for her other recent interview, Larsa Pippen has strongly condemned Hall for questioning about her new relationship with Marcus Jordan and claimed she was being judgmental and negative in her questions. Larsa wrote on The Shade Room’s Instagram post: “She was rude and negative.” She was particularly offended that Hall asked about their age difference between their boyfriend and father’s.

Tamron Hall remains as committed as ever to her show and its viewers, keeping true to the initial intent of keeping audiences informed and engaged. Many talk show hosts slip quickly off track after launch into rating-chasing stunts with guest stars as an attempt to boost ratings; not Tamron – she worked hard from day one and it has certainly paid off; we can’t wait for what Tamron has in store next! Check out some of her amazing looks this season below.

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