Tamron Hall Son Moses Birthday

Tamron Hall Celebrates Her Son Moses Birthday

Tamron Hall made her first move into motherhood at 48 when she gave birth to Moses in 2019. Now, the daytime TV host is celebrating another major milestone: Moses’s first day of school! In an emotional Instagram post shared by Hall, the adorable photograph featured herself and Moses strolling together through New York City while she wrote an endearing message.

Broadcaster Laura Fay, who will debut a new show this fall, has been staying busy ever since her son was born. Recently she responded to social media trolls who accuse her of neglecting to spend enough time with him due to work commitments.

Hall has already praised her new season of her show as having an effective balance of joy and realness, calling it “an hour that inspires and uplifts as well as addresses difficult subjects like my sister’s death and its impact on Leroy, for instance, which we addressed on episode one – it was amazing how many people were open to discussing it!”

Tamron also shared in an episode that aired last week the momentous occasion when she first introduced viewers to her only child, Moses. At just three months old he made his first television debut on The Tamron Hall Show; meeting him was such an emotional experience; I will never forget how his beautiful eyes captured my heart.” She wrote this in her post.

While former Today host Natalie Portman hasn’t been regularly seen on daytime TV since leaving in 2017, her show remains popular and successful. Texas native Portman secured a large deal between Disney and ABC to create her own syndicated talk show which premiered this September; its premier earned critical acclaim and even won an Emmy! It is rumored to return for its third season later this fall.

“Celebrating my 51st year by honoring some of the major milestones past and upcoming,” she wrote on social media alongside her self-made cover, including The Tamron Hall Show Season 3, writing As the Wicked Watch novel and adopting sweet Moses.

While her celebrity friends dropped by to wish Hall a happy birthday, little Moses stole the show with his adorable reactions to all of their well-wishes – from posing for pictures and laughing out loud at some sarcasm to simply smiling big on this special day! Here are a few memorable moments from little Moses’ big day.

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