Meghan Mccain Halloween Costume

Meghan McCain and Joy Behar’s Halloween Costumes on The View

Meghan McCain and Joy Behar may not always see eye to eye on The View, but when it came to their Halloween costumes they found common ground – they dressed up as evil twins from The Shining for Monday’s episode of this daytime talk show! A classic Halloween look consisted of Jack Nicholson and Shelly Duvall wearing similar dresses with white tights and shoes matching, brown wigs with bows in their hair, as well as bows placed strategically throughout their locks – it was quite scary indeed! Ryan Seacrest, Kelly Ripa, Mark Consuelos, Art Moore and Ryan Seacrest donned Halloween-inspired costumes as the Addams Family from Property Brothers renovation series on Wednesday night for their show, dressed as Morticia and Gomez respectively, with Moore as Fester and Seacrest as Pugsley to complete their group costume.

Behar and Hoisin donned costumes reminiscent of Stephen King characters from Pet Sematary and It, respectively; Behar dressed up as Church from Pet Sematary while Hoisin donned an amazing Pennywise from It. Additionally, Behar paid her own tribute to Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In movement by wearing a T-shirt which read “I’m Here To Lean In.”

Continue reading for an up-close view of The View crew members wearing Halloween-inspired attire, such as their pair costume.

1. Meghan McCain As Elsa From Frozen

For their annual Halloween episode, The View cast traveled to Disney World. Meghan McCain dressed up as Elsa from Disney’s hit movie Frozen for their annual Halloween episode; even down to wearing an expert fishtail braid! She revealed that this costume was inspired by gossip columnists giving her the name Elsa; it was simply genius!

Joy Behar and Sunny Hoisin took great effort with their costumes as well; Joy Behar made headlines for being a cynical Morristown cat named Tardar Sauce who earned internet attention for her permanently hostile expression, while Sunny Hoisin became Okoye from Black Panther – complete with expert fishtail braiding! Abby Huntsman transformed into the blood-soaked prom queen from Carrie while Whoopi Goldberg donned one from children’s cartoon Vampirina.

2. The View Cohosts Honor Stephen King for Their Halloween Costumes As expected, The View cohosts paid homage to horror icon Stephen King by donning costumes inspired by him for their Halloween episode – and their costume choices were certainly memorable! The results were both terrifying (and terrifying)!

Hoisin donned the appearance of Pennywise from It, Huntsman was Carrie from Pet Sematary’s Carrie and Goldberg was Church from Pet Sematary’s Pet Sematary for this Halloween-themed gang game called “Pretty Scary”, where each member had to guess which costumes each other were wearing.

McCain may have mixed memories of her time on The View, but she clearly enjoyed wearing one of the King-inspired costumes along with the rest of her cohosts and enjoying their company in costume. Take a look at these pics and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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