Michael Kelso Halloween Costume

Michael Kelso Halloween Costume Quotes From That ’70s Show

As a fan of That ’70s Show, you are no stranger to Michael Kelso portrayed by Ashton Kutcher with such finesse that it earned him critical acclaim and garnered him critical praise from critics. Though not as sympathetic or thoughtful than other characters on the show, Kelso still manages to stand out with unique charm that make him one of its most loved and interesting characters – many hilarious quotes related to Kelso’s vanity are scattered throughout its episodes; here are just a few memorable ones from him onscreen!

Kelso would frequently assert that most women found him attractive, which may or may not be accurate; however, such boastful and arrogant statements made him seem boastful and arrogant to others. Indeed, this trait often led to trouble for Kelso; for instance in this scene from season seven when he delivered this line after mistakingly believing Hyde was planning to take over their father’s record store.

Though Kelso does not intend it to be harsh, his words nonetheless contain plenty of vanity-fueled quotes. While lighting up in the basement with his friends, Kelso asserted he was the most handsome man in Point Place before boasting about having won every costume contest since junior high by emphasizing his good looks.

Kelso is well known for his appreciation of hard rock music. This quote from season four illustrates that point; Eric and Donna try convincing him of this fact while Kelso boasts of having superior taste in music; in response he claims he can hear all the bands performing inside his head!

Kelso indulges his vanity by trying to convince himself that his prom date with Jackie will go well, even making comments that suggest sexual contact is imminent. Unfortunately, as Franklin discovers later, Jackie actually likes Kelso more and they remain just friends.

Though not specifically related to Halloween, this episode from That ’70s Show features great horror homages and is one of its most memorable episodes. Kelso makes his first smoking attempt when he and the gang gather in their basement, and Kelso announces to everyone that he thinks he is most attractive person there, prompting laughter from everyone in attendance. They go on to discuss horror references including an allusion to Texas Chainsaw Massacre which makes for a hilarious dialogue between Kelso and co-star John

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