The Benefits of Investing in Sustainable Handmade Rings

Investing in sustainable handmade rings is one of the best ways to reduce your jewelry’s environmental impact. You’ll support the people behind your call while still getting an elegant and meaningful piece.

You can also opt for secondhand pieces, which don’t have the same carbon footprint as new jewelry. This is because they are made using only the materials used.

High-Quality Materials

Many sustainable jewelry makers use high-quality materials that are environmentally friendly and ethically sourced. These may include recycled metals, natural stones, or other unique materials. They also may be able to offer custom pieces that reflect the wearer’s style or interests. This can make a one-of-a-kind piece that no other person has and gives the wearer a sense of individuality.

Some brands offer sustainable engagement rings. They also feature a selection of ethically sourced gems. They work with local artisans and small businesses, so they know where their materials come from and can ensure they follow ethical and sustainable practices.

They also avoid using materials that require harmful mining methods, such as those with cyanide. These mines have been linked to deadly human conflicts, resulting in environmental damage like water contamination, air pollution, biodiversity loss, and landscape destruction.

Made to Last

One of the main benefits of buying handmade jewelry is that it is often made to last. This can be because the artisan has used durable materials or because they are using recycled metals. Many artisanal jewelry makers like Kate Maller Jewelry also prioritize sustainable manufacturing practices, making their products with a smaller carbon footprint.

Some artisanal jewelry designers have even taken steps to go beyond sustainability by donating money or jewelry to causes that they feel are important.

Supporting Ethical Practices

Aside from using high-quality materials, sustainable jewelry makers are also committed to ethical practices. They’re willing to ensure that all of their workers are treated fairly, whether it’s the jewelers at a large jewelry factory or the artisans at an independent jewelry maker’s studio. They prioritize transparency, tracing their raw materials at various stages in their supply chain to ensure their work doesn’t fund war economies or unethical mining practices.

Ethical, small-scale companies are also good for the environment and local communities because they have a lower carbon footprint than big jewelry brands that mass produce their products. They rely on recycled materials and ethically sourced gemstones, which reduces their environmental impact. They also use locally sourced, fair-trade gold and silver to create their jewelry, cutting down on the distance the materials travel.

Supporting Local Businesses

When you shop for sustainable handmade rings, your money stays local. This helps support small businesses and local economies. These business owners are more likely to hire employees, pay taxes to support local schools and infrastructure and invest in the community in other ways.

You can also expect more personalized customer service when purchasing from a local business. Small business owners typically offer a more intimate shopping experience than giant corporations.

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