Steven Stayner Wife Jody Edmondson

Steven Stayner and His Wife Jody Edmondson

Steven Stayner and his wife Jody Edmondson are the parents of two children. Their daughter Ashley was born in 1985, and their son Steven Jr. was born in 1987.

The couple got married in 1985, a year after Steven’s kidnapping. When they first met, the two worked together at a butcher shop. As the story went on, the pair developed a friendship that turned into marriage.

In the early days of their marriage, Steven and Jody were not in the best of relationships. While he was not a tyrant, he was a troubled teen. He had trouble with his family and was ridiculed at school. They had a difficult time adjusting to everyday life. At one point, he was even kicked out of his parent’s home. However, this did not last long.

Before the couple got married, they had a one-year relationship. After they were married, they were estranged. But then, they began to date again. This time, they married in June of 1985.

After the wedding, they had two children: Ashley and Steven Jr. Jody was 17 years old when she married Steven. She was the oldest of the three siblings. A few years later, she married Craig Gumm. Both are now living in Montana. Despite having a daughter, she prefers to stay out of the public spotlight.

During the years following Steven’s death, Jody Edmondson had to care for both of her children on her own. Eventually, she remarried.

It was while she was raising her daughter, Ashley, that she discovered that her uncle had killed a woman. It took Ashley a while to realize that her uncle was the murderer. Her father had died before she was old enough to know the truth. She had not spent much time with her father and she did not want to talk about his death.

The news of Steven’s partner’s death became public in 2014. She shared the news with her daughter. Since then, Ashley has refused to discuss the incident. On the other hand, she has spoken about her new job in the U.S. Air Force, and she has also studied at the online American Military University.

Though Ashley Stayner is not in a position to discuss the incident, she has stated that she wants her daughter to have a “quiet” life. She has even gone so far as to say that she would not like her daughter to be in the public eye.

If you are curious about Steven Stayner’s story, you can watch a documentary titled Captive Audience on Hulu. You can also read about Jody Edmondson.

Despite the tragedy that his life had been, Steven Stayner managed to make a good life for himself. Although he was abused and convicted of kidnapping in two separate trials, he was released on parole after five years. His family started to get back on their feet after he was released.

During his kidnapping, Steven drank alcohol to numb his feelings. Once he realized that he had been kidnapped, he blamed himself for his actions. Eventually, he changed and grew up.

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