Original Yellow Submarine Toy

Corgi Toys – The Original Yellow Submarine Toy

Yellow Submarine, which made its debut in 1968, is a seminal animated film that pioneered animation as a serious art form. Its soundtrack was composed by the Beatles, whose appearance in the film was a groundbreaking feat in the music video format. The plot was loosely based on Paul McCartney’s 1965 composition of the same name.

Yellow Submarine drew many moviegoers, especially for its Beatles-inspired soundtrack. In fact, the song itself has become a cult favorite across the globe. Although the film was a box office smash, its length discouraged American audiences, who feared it would tire them out. Nevertheless, the film made a major impression with its lush images and psychedelic mood. And its swashbuckling storyline paved the way for a variety of animated films that were to come.

Corgi Toys manufactured several versions of the original yellow submarine toy. Originally it featured two hatches. On the port side, the toy was activated by two metal push buttons. Each opened to reveal a figure of the Beatles. There was also a white hatch on the bowside of the submarine. However, it appears that these were changed later on to reduce manufacturing costs.

This model also features periscopes that rotate when pushed. Also, there is a propeller on the bottom of the rudder. The toy was also reissued in 1999. If you’re a collector of die-cast toys, you’ll want to check out this one.

You can find a variety of different variants, but the original version with the two hatches is probably the most sought after. The model also sports a couple of different periscopes, including an opening one that can be rotated, and a spring-loaded one that can be pulled out.

Corgi Toys produced its first Yellow Submarine toy in 1969, and it has been re-released in numerous versions over the years. The most recent was released in 2006. For fans of the movie, this is a great chance to own a collectible version of this popular song.

This model is a very good example of a die-cast manufacturer’s art. It includes four figures of the Beatles. One of them is George, who is dressed in a submarine costume. Another is Ringo, who is carrying a half-hole in his pocket. Lastly, there is John, who is holding a telescope.

Though the model isn’t the most expensive toy in the world, its value is still very high among collectors of die-cast toys. Especially if you have an early example, you’ll likely be able to sell it for quite a lot of money.

Despite its shortcomings, the original yellow submarine toy is a worthwhile purchase. It’s also a rare find, so you’ll want to make sure you buy one if you are a fan of the Beatles. Plus, it’s a fun way to commemorate the film’s 50th anniversary.

Corgi Toys’ Yellow Submarine toy is a great gift for fans of the pop band. It’s available for sale for $30 USD. You can find it in a variety of different stores.

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