Kanye West Camo Pants

Kanye West Camo Pants Lawsuit

A large outdoor apparel company is suing Kanye West and his Yeezy line over the use of their camouflage pattern on the label’s products. The suit claims that the label violated copyright law and illegally copied the Realtree brand’s camo print design. In addition, the company wants to stop any future sales of Yeezy items with the pattern. It’s also seeking unspecified damages.

During New York Fashion Week in February, Kanye West debuted the Yeezy Season 5 collection, featuring a heavy reliance on the camouflage print. Models dressed as Kardashian West sported the brand’s new pieces. However, a representative from the Yeezy brand went “radio silent” when Jordan Outdoor Enterprises reached out to discuss using the print. This is apparently a new development in the controversy surrounding the label.

According to the lawsuit, the Yeezy rep contacted Jordan Outdoor Enterprises in March, and asked if the brand could use their camouflage patterns. When they said they needed to license the design, the conversation stopped. After that, the two brands had no contact, according to the suit.

Now, the company is suing the Yeezy brand, asking a judge to order the label to destroy any remaining products with the camo pattern. This includes pieces worn by Kylie Jenner and Rihanna, as well as items sold by LeBron James’ fashion company, Unknwn.

While Jordan has not commented on the suit, TMZ reported that the lawsuit is valid and that it has already been filed. They are claiming that Yeezy’s unauthorized use of the Realtree brand’s camouflage print is a breach of copyright and that the label removed the trademarks from the original print. Additionally, they are asking a judge to prohibit the release of any more Yeezy items with the print, and to shut down future sales of Yeezy clothing.

Several celebrities have already been photographed wearing the print, including Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton. And the pattern has even been sold on the company’s website.

Though the company is asking a judge to halt the production of the print, it’s not clear whether the Yeezy company will respond to the lawsuit. The company declined a request from PEOPLE for comment.

But if Jordan’s case is successful, it will have a massive impact on the Yeezy fashion line. Yeezy clothing is highly sought after and is coveted by many, but it can be expensive. So, it’s no surprise that the suit is causing a stir. There is no word on how the court will decide the suit, or on whether a jury will hear the case.

However, it’s interesting to note that Kanye West has long been fascinated with camouflage, and has been seen wearing the print on the red carpet. He often wears his own creations, and his own athleisure label Yeezy is widely regarded as the ultimate Hermes of sportswear.

If a judge agrees with Jordan’s claim, it will be an important part of the debate over Kanye West’s use of the camo print on his Yeezy line. Regardless of the outcome, it will be interesting to see how a celebrity with a large following like Drake and a fashion icon like Kanye West will perform together.

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