Son Of Man Costume

The Son of Man Halloween Costume

Rene Magritte’s painting The Son of Man by surrealist artist Rene Magritte depicts a man in a suit wearing glasses holding a green apple floating before him. Theories on what this painting represents range from religious allegory of Christ’s divinity, conformity, or even being true to yourself versus hiding who you really are. Additionally, its meaning has also been used within popular culture such as movies or music videos.

People are left questioning the reality of an eye-catching Halloween costume created by a mother from Scotland for her son. It took weeks of careful preparation, charity shop bargains and creative thinking on her part to craft such an astonishing invisible man ensemble for his Halloween debut.

Start by donning a bowler or derby hat. Next, wear either a white dress shirt or suit (you could reuse one already owned if cost-cutting or preferring something less formal is your goal), and finally add in an apple for finishing touches.

This costume is perfect for book character day or parade events! Additionally, if your child enjoys Dog Man books and wants to dress as their favourite character for Halloween. And with its straightforward construction process – perfect when needing last-minute costumes! – making it an easy last-minute solution!

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