Danny From Chicago Med

Who Killed Danny From Chicago Med?

At NBC’s One Chicago franchise (including Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D) it’s unavoidable that characters come and go; sometimes for good, sometimes not so good – all part of the thrill and excitement associated with medical dramas like chicago med. But true fans know it all adds up to one amazing viewing experience!

Dick Wolf, best known for Law and Order, created Gaffney Chicago Medical Center Emergency Department as its focal point. This show follows its staff of doctors, nurses and healthcare workers including Dr. Connor Rhodes (Colin Donnell), Natalie Manning (Torrey DeVitto), Charlie Charles (Nick Gehlfuss) and fourth year resident Sarah Reese (Yaya DaCosta).

Dylan (played by Mekia Cox), made her first appearance in season two and then quickly vanished without explanation, much to the disbelief of fans. Though no official explanation could be provided for this departure, speculation ensued that it may have had something to do with ABC’s Once Upon A Time filming in Los Angeles; although Mekia confirmed her status as no longer being part of regular cast but not officially off screen permanently.

Cox made her mark on the show by captivating first-year intern Libby (Jennifer Hensley), who fell hard for Cox despite not end up as romantic partners; nonetheless, they shared a solid friendship despite not ending up together romantically.

Danny had previously been treated at the hospital. Upon his return due to a heroin overdose, Sarah Reese opens up some and offers him shelter; but only for two or three days before returning back to his pimp/captors who will likely beat him to death.

Andrew Schneider recently spoke with TVLine regarding whether Dylan would return to the series after his storyline concluded and revealed that it had been decided based on that factor alone. “We made that choice because it felt like the most effective way to conclude that particular story,” explained Hemmerlein. “Plus there’s a nice little twist at the end which fits with where he stands now in life and his relationship status.” But regardless, he noted that there could always be room for Danny’s return; we will wait and see what the future brings for Danny and Sarah; we will keep you posted with any new information as it becomes available. In the meantime, enjoy your last episodes of Chicago Med!

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