Pipette Look Awake Eye Gel

Pipette Look Awake Eye Gel Review

Pipette look awake eye gel’s cooling rollerball applicator and science-backed ingredients work to moisturize, restore, reduce dark circles, and help eliminate undereye bags. Plus, its gentle yet safe EWG Verified(tm) formula makes it the ideal solution for sleep-deprived pregnant and postpartum moms who need some assistance getting their full eight hours of rest!

Depuffing Puffiness: Reduces Undereye Bags & Puffy Eyes* Pipette’s own specialized peptide from ancient superfood quinoa visibly reduces undereye puffiness and bags. A unique antibacterial metal rollerball applicator gives a relaxing mini-massage while skin is hydrated with sustainable sugarcane-derived squalane, the moisturizing superhero your eyes were born to love!

Brightening Pick-Me-Up: Plant-derived caffeine promotes microcirculation, giving your tired eyes a lift and visibly diminishing dark circles. Plus, this formulation contains sugarcane derived squalane which adds weightless moisture that your skin can easily recognize – so it feels balanced on.

Hydrating Skin That Gets Soft, Smooth & Glides on

Pipette creates all their products alongside dermatologists to guarantee they’re hypoallergenic, free from artificial fragrances, vegan, cruelty-free and EWG verified. Plus they use clean ingredients you can trust like sugarcane-derived squalane which works like your skin’s natural oils.

Pipette Look Awake Eye Cream is one of the best eye creams for sensitive skin and should be part of every skincare routine. Just mix it in with your cleanser, serum and moisturizer for an instant fix that feels amazing to touch. And if you’re searching for an affordable eye gel option, pipette look awake is a great choice.

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