Kanye West Wearing Chelsea Boots

Kanye West Wearing Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots have been a timeless menswear icon since the 19th century. Not only do they add an effortless elegance to any look, but they can be paired with nearly anything from jeans and chinos to slacks for an effortlessly polished look that everyone will admire. Furthermore, wearing Chelsea boots is a breeze since only one shoe needs to be pulled on – perfect for busy days when multiple shoes may need changing!

The “Chelsea boot” got its name from Chelsea, London’s fashionable district where designers revived this style of ankle boot that Queen Victoria first donned in 1840s. These boots were designed for comfort with elastic gussets on either side of the shaft to make them easier to put on and take off.

Chelsea boots became iconic in the 1960s due to their rock star heritage, and designers from around the globe have since created unique takes on them with various styles to suit any taste.

Common Projects, a shoe label that specializes in minimal sneakers and boots, has become one of the leading brands to revive Chelsea boot style. Their suede pair from 2010 became an instant classic that many men’s closets have since had to have.

Oliver Cabell, a Spanish shoe company, has also joined the Chelsea boot craze. Their shoes are crafted from soft suede and feature a crepe sole that provides comfort without compromising durability. Crafted in Albacete, Spain, these shoes come in five colors.

Bottega Veneta, an Italian leather goods and accessories brand, is back in the Chelsea boot game. Their suede boots sold out last season after Kanye West donned them; now, the boots can be found online in various shades such as light tan, chocolate brown and deep oxblood.

Bottega Veneta Chelsea boots have recently returned and are both easy to find and affordable. Retailing at $820, these boots can be found on the brand’s website.

Since 2015, Yeezy has been releasing re-ups of military boots. This pair of black leather Chelseas is perhaps closest to what Ye was sporting at the beginning of Season 3. Yeezy Season 3 saw subtle updates made to make it more desirable for all audiences; now, their lace-up boot has been given an updated look with subtle tweaks for easier accessibility.

As with many fashion trends, Chelsea boots come and go in popularity. But if you invest in a quality pair, they will remain fashionable for years to come.

Kanye West is no stranger to the fashion world, having collaborated with numerous top designers. His eye for trend forecasting and new label discovery have proved highly successful for his own label Yeezy.

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