Paul Rudd Natal Chart

Paul Rudd’s Birth Chart

Paul Rudd, an American actor, comedian, director and producer. He is best known for his roles as Ant-Man in Marvel Studios films. Rudd studied theater at both University of Kansas and American Academy of Dramatic Arts before making his acting debut in 1991. Since then he has appeared in various television shows as well as hosting Saturday Night Live numerous times; additionally he holds a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame and belongs to Kappa Tau Gamma Fraternity.

Astrology represents the overall picture in your birth chart by three categories of distributions: angular and succedent houses; modes – Cardinal, Mutable and Fixed; and polarity (Yin and Yang). Planets are distributed according to these different criteria depending on their basic meanings before being colored to provide another structure that helps you better understand what forces are shaping your personality.

Your Ascendant or Sun’s placement in the zodiac is of primary significance; however, other criteria should also be taken into account, including houses and aspects as well as additional rules that add color to each planet’s fundamental meanings. Taken together, all these features will help define your personal style – its strengths and weaknesses as well as opportunities and obstacles.

With a Gemini Sun, you are an inquisitive and versatile individual who quickly adapts to the requirements of any situation. Your imagination and cleverness makes you an adept communicator who quickly picks up on social cues; often your imagination fuels ideas that come quickly to you!

Paul, your dominant number is 8, which indicates business success and material endeavors. Your financial success relies heavily on being able to control greedy for material possessions while practicing tolerance – two qualities which you possess in abundance.

Aries is an optimistic sign, full of charm and charismatic qualities that can make for a pleasant persona, yet you may sometimes overdo things and act hastily. Your strong drive and ability to act with passion and conviction make for great assets in any career field. However, your aggressive nature could get the better of you and cause irreparable harm in some instances. Your friendships are of the highest caliber; generous, caring and loyal. Protectiveness can be one of your greatest strengths, particularly towards family and children. As you get older, however, be wary of becoming too self-protective or too protective; otherwise this could lead to health issues in the intestines or stomach that require medical intervention.

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