Butch Walker As Glenn Review

Butch Walker As Glenn Review

Butch Walker has produced acts as diverse as Pink, Weezer, Taylor Swift and Fall Out Boy (to name just a few), yet still found time to produce nine albums under his own name. Butch Walker as Glenn finds him leaving behind the producer persona behind to play piano man balladeer on an album that pays homage to those who inspired him.

Conceptually, this album is brilliant; many songs feature lyrics and instrumentation that recall Elton John, Billy Joel and John Mellencamp – making this album an enjoyable listen. “Holy Water Hangover” opens the record as an emotional gospel-influenced hymn of lament for lost souls; with “Record Store”, Walker and Caitlin Cary duet on a heartbreaking song about youth loss. But it’s the middle portion that really shines, with songs like Ludlow Expectations opening with synth-heavy synths pounding away towards an explosive eighties chorus (think opening scene of John Hughes movie about two young couples struggling together) or Ashley Monroe joining Walker on Wilder in the Heart with her more fragile vocals over piano accompaniment.

Butch Walker as Glenn is an enjoyable album by an artist who has never shied away from being bold in his writing. Here he comes fully unhindered; as a result of this project you’ll hear songs that speak directly to anyone seeking solace within working-class America’s bars and stages.

Butch Walker returns after 20 years as the main composer on piano for this album and it adds an intriguing new layer to his melodies and songs. While still writing hook-filled pop songs that are smart and literate, but more mature-sounding than some of his earlier work from decades past.

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