Randy Savage Savage Garage Net Worth

Randy Savage Net Worth

Randy Savage, more popularly known in wrestling circles as “Macho Man”, passed away on May 20, 2011 at age 67. Widely considered one of the greatest wrestlers ever, his 30-year career saw multiple championship victories and millions made during that period – amassing an immense fortune which enabled him to leave behind an enormous sum for his family, friends, and children.

Additionally, he was an enthusiastic car enthusiast. He would post videos of himself driving various models on YouTube, helping build up an enormous social media following; currently his YouTube channel boasts over 6 million subscribers; with viewers all around the globe watching and liking them.

He owns and operates various businesses across various sectors and has made an impressionful mark as an automotive entrepreneur. His enterprises specialize in credit card/transaction processing, financing and more – amassing a net worth estimated at $5 billion. Furthermore, he holds membership on various renowned boards as well as organizations.

Cause of his death has yet to be officially determined; however, many rumors swirling suggest suicide or murder as possible explanations. Either way, it’s saddening news of this great man’s passing; his loss leaves an empty void in automotive community.

He boasts a net worth of more than $5 billion and is best known for hosting Savage Garage with more than 800,000 subscribers. Clarus Merchant Services leads in payment processing industry services while providing various other solutions to clients. Credit score rating, lending, wholesale distribution and cardholder security are among the many services provided by this U.S.-based company with over 100 employees on staff; their revenue continues to increase steadily thanks to these offerings for customers. Over 20 years in business and a trusted partner of some of the world’s premier financial institutions. Not only do they offer merchant services but they also assist their customers with developing innovative new products and solutions. They use this to gain a competitive edge over their rivals and are an excellent choice for companies seeking to boost financial performance and increase profitability, offering services at highly competitive prices with unrivalled customer service teams backing them up.

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