Olivia Rodrigo Sour Cover Outfi

Olivia Rodrigo’s Y2K Cover Outfit

Olivia Rodrigo is an international pop superstar; an internationally-acclaimed singer/actress known for selling out shows all around the globe. As a Grammy award-winning artist with her ability to tug at our emotions and teenage-bopper angst music pushed her up the charts, Olivia Rodrigo has achieved global renown.

As a fashion icon, she wears chic ensembles that combine Y2K and punk rock trends with high-end designer pieces – befitting of her status as a pop-punk princess who has even collaborated on tour with Avril Lavigne!

19-year-old Madison McWherter excels at capturing ’90s and ’00s youth culture through her videos, paying homage to some of her favorite pop stars and iconic songs of those decades. Her latest video “Brutal” captures this nostalgia for early 2000s trends as well as the revival of ’90s trends from those times.

Rodrigo donned an offbeat cheerleader look in this video, similar to Jennifer Check from “Jennifer’s Body.” She donned a blue plaid miniskirt, white corset and black bicep-high leather gloves, before setting fire to her bedroom before swimming into a lake while wearing red contacts.

Rodrigo opts for the kind of ’90s-meets-Y2K look that is becoming increasingly fashionable due to resurgent teenage angst, making this an effective way of channeling inner teenage energy without going all out with “Girl-next-door” fashion that may seem inappropriate for someone of his age like himself.

As she made waves during the ’90s, her looks are an ideal choice for Halloween – and you can recreate them right at home with this DIY costume that involves only three items of clothing – black jeans, a smocked shirt in sage green and chunky white sneakers!

Her eyes feature a classic smoky eye look, but if that is too costly for you to achieve, try using puffy stickers or fabric with patterns on it as an alternative solution – or for something bolder try wearing a wig instead.

Halloween-appropriate attire includes ruffle dresses like those seen on her debut album cover Sour. She also sports black combat boots to complete her look.

If you’re seeking something edgier, why not opt for this two-piece set that features a black jacket with gold collar and oversize hoodie with silver neckline. Perfect for an upcoming Halloween party or night on the town.

Rodrigo may only be 17, yet her talented songwriting and lyrical abilities make Sour an exciting artist for listeners of any age. Her direct approach to writing about her personal experiences such as death or breakup demonstrates an unflinching honesty that her listeners appreciate.

Rodrigo’s 19-year-old debut, Sour, quickly propelled her to the top of the charts and earned two Number One hits in “Driver’s License” and “Good 4 U,” earning her a place on Billboard’s year-end Hot 100 rankings. Rodrigo’s album should be an essential listen for anyone experiencing heartbreak or looking for an empowering, relatable song to sing to themselves or someone close.

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