90 Day Fiance Mahogany Roca

90 Day Fiance Mahogany Roca Almost Died From a Drug Overdose

Mahogany Roca from 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days recently made headlines when she revealed she almost overdosed. Luckily, her partner was available on phone to check up on her and has been helping her recover since.

Ben Rathbun and Roca met via social media and became engaged, but many fans weren’t convinced they were actually in love; many believed she catfished him for three months during their relationship.

Mahogany had made up her age, face and home address to deceive Ben during his visit. Additionally, Mahogany’s photos appeared too perfect and seemed too good to be true.

Ben Rathbun was introduced as 52-year-old Ben’s girlfriend on a reality show, though they never spoke directly on camera. Ben loaned her $1,000 but found that his former flame lied about having enough funds in her bank account and used heavily edited pictures to represent herself on film.

TLC eventually verified Mahogany as real and confirmed that Ben and Mahogany were dating. Their romance may have been unexpected at times, yet they managed to remain together.

Mahogany was reported to have suffered from an eating disorder. She lost weight significantly but claims it was simply due to difficulty managing her emotions. As a way out, she turned to pills in order to cope with them; taking too many of them nearly led to her own demise.

She also shared that she “opened up” to her demons – although it was an uncomfortable process, Roca expressed gratitude and assured her followers she is now stronger than ever.

Ben Rathbun quickly came to her side following her overdose, providing comfort and aiding in her recovery.

He had even hired a doctor in Peru to help her recover and are still together today, showing no sign of breaking up.

They recently started a YouTube channel where they post updates about their long-distance relationship and also write blog entries together, so it’s safe to assume they won’t part ways anytime soon!

Mahogany and Ben are an enthralling couple, yet remain relatively unknown to most people. Despite the challenges in their relationship, however, they’re still deeply in love and planning their marriage soon.

Since Season 5, they have remained together, even post-show. Last year they even announced their engagement.

She had been suffering from an eating disorder, but recently managed to shed many pounds and is now set to marry her long-time love interest.

Once she decides to make the plunge, her family will be by her side every step of the way. She has expressed that she wishes for an ink tattoo with their names on it for added support.

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