No Frills Supermarket Iowa Smell

The Mystery of the No Frills Iowa Supermarket Smell

If you visited a former No Frills supermarket in Iowa, you may have noticed a strong odor. This stench, which many shoppers claim was foul, could have been caused by a man’s decomposing body. But how did it get there? The answer to this question lies in the mysterious death of Larry Ely Murillo-Moncada, a 25-year-old employee.

His family has never known what happened to their son. Until they found his body in the former supermarket in January. It took more than a decade for his family to learn the truth, but now they have an answer.

Larry Ely Murillo-Moncada, an employee of the former No Frills Supermarket in Council Bluffs, IA, vanished in 2009 after he had an argument with his parents. He left his parents’ home without shoes, socks or a key. When he didn’t return, his parents became concerned. They called the police. However, when the police arrived at the family’s house, the boy wasn’t there. Afterwards, they suspected he had run away, but the officer did not inspect the back room.

After the incident, the family had to put the case on hold for several years. During this time, they kept returning to the store. Moncada always knew it was the key to his fate.

After the incident, the family and police tried to find out why they were unable to locate their missing son. In the meantime, they hired attorney James Martin Davis. Davis, a local lawyer, wanted to know how no one else had noticed their son. While the family had no evidence to prove his presence in the store, they believed his mother’s gut feeling was correct.

A month later, the body of a male who had worked at No Frills was discovered in the abandoned supermarket. The man’s body was badly decomposed. Several former employees told police that the freezer units were used as storage, so the human remains were likely buried for several years.

A shopper had also complained about the odor in the store. Several people told the police they felt sick because of the smell. Some had claimed they could smell blood in the meat area of the store. Nevertheless, the butcher denied the claim.

Finally, contractors found the body of Murillo-Moncada. At the time of his death, the male had been trapped in an 18-inch gap between a cooler and the wall. As a result, his body had been mummified for a long time. This made it difficult to determine his age and sex.

Although the autopsy didn’t reveal any signs of trauma, authorities still found it impossible to believe that Murillo-Moncada intentionally killed himself. Instead, the case is being ruled as accidental.

The case is still unsolved, but it has been a mystery for more than 10 years. Police have been searching for clues in the case, and have questioned several family members. They’ve also checked with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The police are now working on new leads in the case. The father of Murillo-Moncada is asking for answers, and wants to understand how his son died.

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