Fall River Man Arrested

Fall River Man Arrested in Homicide Case

The Fall River Police Department is currently investigating a homicide and a series of related crimes. These incidents occurred in Tiverton, Westport and Dartmouth. Several suspects were arrested, including a man who was allegedly responsible for breaking into a car. One of the men is suspected of using a permit scam to gain building permits in New Bedford and other towns.

A local man has been charged with a number of crimes, including drug-related offenses. His name has not yet been released. He was arrested on Friday in Fall River, Massachusetts. After being taken into custody, he will face charges in District Court. In addition to the drugs and charges he faces, prosecutors are also awaiting a possible domestic abuse modifier.

David Thompson was arrested on April 11, 2014. After his arrest, prosecutors determined that his phone had been erased in the police’s custody. The man was reportedly recording the driver of a vehicle on a secret cell phone. This case garnered a lot of regional media attention and his case is being investigated by several agencies.

Another man has been arrested in Fall River after an alleged assault on a police officer. Officer Nicholas Hoar was involved in the incident. Upon his arrest, he was taken to the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Boston where he was arraigned on Wednesday afternoon. Although he is in custody, he has a plea of not guilty to all of his charges.

Fall River Police have received reports of similar incidents in other communities. The department is working with state and federal prosecutors to investigate these crimes. They are investigating the incident that left a 42-year-old woman unconscious with hard breathing. It is unclear if a gun was used in the incident. While police did not provide any information regarding the trigger of the incident, they did confirm that the victim died shortly after midnight.

Fall River police are still working to figure out the cause of the stabbing. Previously, a man who was working for a traffic detail had been dragged by an ATV for about three hundred feet. During the investigation, officers discovered that the driver of the ATV had an expired license to carry a weapon. However, he refused to let officers check for weapons and became “belligerent” when officers tried to talk to him.

A man in Fall River, Massachusetts, has been arrested for a number of crimes, including a car break-in. He was caught by police after breaking into two cars at a business. Throughout the investigation, police found items stolen from one car and vandalized items in the other. Eventually, Lorenzi was charged with armed assault with a dangerous weapon and ammunition without an FID card.

Fall River Police Chief Paul Gauvin said the police department has been cooperating with the federal prosecutors since the start of the investigation. He hopes that by sharing information, other towns may be inspired to take action.

Other incidents have also been reported in Westport, Tiverton, and Dartmouth. As the case continues to be investigated, prosecutors are attempting to determine who is responsible for this homicide.

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