Niki Dr Phil Update

Nikki Tartal Gives Dr Phil Update on Heroin Addiction

Nikki was an ambitious college freshman until she tried heroin. According to Nikki, her addiction spiraled out of control, eventually forcing her into living in a van while pregnant and using multiple times each day. Nikki came forward on Dr. Phil and he provided treatment options; nearly one year after appearing on his show, she has made another surprising reveal about herself and her situation.

Niki Tartal, a single mother with an infant daughter, had an exciting future ahead of her until she experimented with heroin. Once addicted, her life spiraled out of control; she found it impossible to cope with life or hold down employment; eventually turning to prostitution as she desperately searched for funds to support her habit; becoming homeless due to drug dependency – and ultimately turning prostitution as means to finance it – thus creating an ever-escalating cycle of drug dependency and homelessness that led her family members to reach out Dr. Phil in hopes he could use his show as a platform to convince Niki that help was available and convince her of getting the necessary assistance that was desperately needed from Dr. Phil that could use his show as an avenue through which they could reach out and convince Niki get help that would allow them.

Niki appeared on the show to address her mother and sister’s fears that she may not live long enough to witness her daughter grow up. Niki agreed to enter rehab at Hanley Center on 45th Street for three months where counseling sessions helped identify root causes of addiction; however, as Niki did not understand what caused her destructive behaviors she did not cease engaging in them once leaving Hanley Center on 45th Street.

Once Niki returned home in Florida, she quickly fell back into her old addictive patterns and relapsed; fearing she might lose custody of her daughter. Niki used pregnancy as an excuse not to quit; believing detoxing during gestation would harm both mother and unborn baby. Despite her best efforts at staying sober, she found herself back in treatment again four times later.

Niki discovered she was pregnant again while at Hanley. Though hoping this would motivate her to quit drug use, Niki still couldn’t figure out what led to destructive behaviors within herself and their relationships became tenuous as pressure from family and her desire to keep drugs away from Jessey created distance between the pair.

Niki credits her success to Hanley’s caring staff and is currently working to regain custody of her daughter. Additionally, she works as a counselor in Delray Beach as part of her recovery journey and hopes that sharing her journey may inspire you as much. We hope her journey serves as an exemplar of transformation and hope and wish we could share it more widely!

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