Chris Pratt Blind Item

Blind Item: Bradley Cooper

Chris Pratt is one of Hollywood’s biggest stars right now, boasting numerous upcoming projects such as voice acting in a Lego movie and co-starring as one of the Avengers in an Avengers film. Additionally, he’s best-known for his role on Parks and Recreation TV show. However, Pratt’s rise to stardom hasn’t come without controversy; in fact, he has been involved in multiple controversies which drew backlash from the public. Some of his controversies stemmed from careless social media posts, while others were more serious in nature. Recently he was accused of associating himself with Hillsong Church, an anti-LGBTQ church known for being associated with him – which led many people to question his faith and beliefs.

Kelli and Troy took a step away from discussing only deplorable Hollywood people this week to explore someone a bit less toxic; Bradley Cooper. From his family life to career highlights and speculation of playing Harley Quinn in a future Batman flick. They decided to delve deep into his blind spots – covering everything from his family ties to potential casting in future movies!

This week’s episode of Totally Rotted! has it all!

Chris Pratt made an appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert to promote The Lego Movie 2. During this interview, he spoke of completing a 21-day fast through church and shared wisdom from pastor. It made for quite an interesting segment; however, some netizens began criticizing Chris’ religious views or his manner of speaking about religion.

Elliot Page from Juno wasn’t amused with Pratt’s comments and decided to use Twitter in response. In his tweet he called out Pratt for his religious views.

However, some fans were dismayed by what he wrote; specifically that his pastor has inappropriate views about homosexuality that make it not acceptable in Jesus’ kingdom and believes having a healthy daughter is of “utmost importance.” While most fans were supportive of his situation and appreciated what he was trying to convey through his writing style; many disagreed with how he expressed them; ultimately apologizing and claiming his comments had been misconstrued but damage had already been done; fans became extremely upset and started using #PrayForTheMoldy in protest.

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