Mercer + Prince Whiskey Review

Mercer + Prince Whisky Review

A$AP Rocky recently unveiled his new blended whisky brand Mercer + Prince as an ode to his sophisticated tastes, cutting edge style, and global inspiration. Created with Global Brand Equities and E&J Gallo as partners, its two cup bottle design was inspired by his napkin sketch! Canadian whiskey that has been double-distilled before being aged for at least four years in American white oak (ex-Bourbon) barrels before finishing and being influenced with Japanese Mizunara Oak is used as part of this Canadian whiskey’s formulation.

A$AP Rocky describes their product as richer and more robust than other leading Canadian whiskies, and presents it in an eye-catching two-cup bottle design to reflect this fact. He believes this symbolizes where fashion, culture and music meet at Mercer and Prince streets – where fashion culture music meet each other.

Due to its higher price point compared to popular whiskies, many consumers may question if investing in this new product is worthwhile. But taking time to evaluate it properly depends more on factors like flavor profile and tasting notes than just price point alone.

Taken closer, this new whisky’s nose offers aromas of warm apple pie and brown sugar combined with tart green apples and spice notes, leading to a palate featuring smooth vanilla, dark caramel, baked apple notes and prominent baked apple notes reminiscent of vanilla cake batter. Finally, its watery finish leaves tasters feeling as if they just took a spoonful of brown sugar out.

Compare to other popular whiskies, Mercer + Prince stands out with its smooth profile featuring caramel and honey notes. Crafted using high-quality bourbon grains for an indulgent yet subtle flavor experience, this light amber colored blended whisky features an intoxicating blend of grains for an intense yet flavorful experience.

While Mercer + Prince may seem appealing with its warm amber hue and delicate scents of vanilla and spices, there are other whiskies on the market which may offer similar qualities at more reasonable prices. We advise doing your own research first to see which product might meet your tastes and budget better before making a commitment to this whisky brand. You could start by reading reviews to compare other whiskies’ features and benefits before visiting local liquor stores that carry this new brand to experience it for yourself and make an informed decision that meets both personal taste preferences as well as budget constraints based on personal preference alone based on individual preferences alone based on personal experience based on what works for YOU personally based on your own individual preferences! Thank you so much for reading! Thank you so much for reading! Thank you so much! Thank you for reading! Thank you so much! We thank you all for reading! Thank you all for reading! Thank you all for reading! Thank you very much indeed! Thank you very much indeed! Thank you so much indeed for reading Mercer + Prince; before investing in it; prior research might better suit both taste and budget better suit before investing in it; thus saving both time and money before deciding to invest. Thank you very much indeed for reading! Thank you very much indeed for reading! Thank you very much Mercer+Prince for reading! Thank you very much indeed Mercer+Prince!! Mercer+Prince thank you very much indeed Mercer+Prince for reading – Thank you very much indeed Mercer for reading and thank you very much indeed for reading! Thank you too! Thank you very much appreciated reading and thanks very much indeed for reading… Thanks very much appreciated reading and Thanking us to read! Thanks also thanking too for reading Mercer+Prince…Thank You, thanking reading… Thank you thanks again… Thankfulland Prince!!! Thankfull++ Thank! Thanks very much thanks again!!! thank! Thank! Thankfull +Prince, thank for reading…! thank! Thank! thank! Thank! thank & Prince Thank for reading!! For taking! Thank! Thank for reading…! for reading!!!! Thank! Thank! Thank You so much thanks!!! Thank for reading!!!!!! Thank You too for reading…! Thank You too now…! Thank You very much appreciated for reading… thank!! for reading… Thank You so much thank you very much appreciated…! Thank you too!! Thank you. Thanks you very much indeed!! Thank you very much appreciated!! Thank You Thank you very much indeed!! Thank You!!!! Thank you too!! thank You, thank! for reading… thank You too for reading…!! Thank You!!! Thank you too for reading!!!!!!!!!! Thank You too for reading!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!! thank! Thank! Thank!!! Thank You too!!!!!! for reading!! Thanks!! for being! for reading!!!! Thank! for being on!! – thank! Thanks!!!!! Thanks too!!!! for reading!!!!!! Thank You too – THANK you!!!!!!! – thank You very much!!! Thank You too – hope. thank You, We look forwarding us Have enjoyed reading!!! Thank you very much indeed!! Thanks!! thank You very much!! – THANK you too!!! Thank You very much thanking!! Thank You too!! Thank you too!! Thank You!!! Thank You Thank you very much Thanks!! Thank you

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