Mom Jeans 80s Style

How to Style Mom Jeans in 80s Style

If you’re looking to channel your inner ’80s style, mom jeans are the ideal choice. Not only do they pay homage to the decade, but they’re incredibly versatile – you can pair them with anything from a silky blouse to a blazer for an effortlessly cool look.

They’re also an ideal way to show off your legs, as they slim in the right places. While these work with all body shapes, apple shapes and hourglass figures tend to find them especially flattering as they provide good waist definition.

Dress them up or down with anything from a T-shirt and biker jacket to a blazer and sweater. For something sporty, pair your denims with chunky boots and a small black bag.

Ripping up your mom jeans is an effortless way to give them a modern flair without breaking the bank. A few rips give it a vintage vibe and give the fabric more life-worn character, while holes or tears add character and authenticity.

For a more relaxed take on the mom jeans, Los Angeles fashion label Frame offers this laid-back pair. It has a vintage-inspired look but is updated with a high waist and flattering front panel that’s slightly pitched forward.

Styling mom jeans is all about finding the ideal combination of colors and textures that accentuates your favorite details. Experiment with various patterns and textures for an eye-catching aesthetic.

Classic all-black looks are timeless classics, but an all-white mom jeans can also be very appealing when paired with a turtleneck sweater or silk blouse. Combining black tops with skirts or pants and adding a statement belt creates an edgy, feminine ensemble.

In the 1980s, acid wash denim became a hugely popular trend. You can find an array of mom jeans from this time period – both high-waisted and skinny styles included – but if you’re not into that style, there are other washes and finishes to choose from as well.

The 80s were an exciting decade for fashionistas, and many trends from that era are making a comeback today. Puff sleeves, power suits, neon highlighter hues, belt bags – you name it – have all been given the ’80s treatment once again.

Oversized jackets are a ’80s trend that’s back in full force. Originally worn by women to cover up dresses or skirts, they’ve now become an essential wardrobe item for men too. Available in various sizes and designs, you’re sure to find one that best suits your personal aesthetic.

It’s essential to remember that the ’80s were a time of innovation and technology, so it should come as no surprise that they’re making a comeback. Some iconic items from that era are being brought back for another (or third) life, like swatch watches and reflective shield sunglasses.

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