Jubilee And Caleb Duggar

Jubilee and Caleb Duggar

The Duggar family is one of America’s most beloved and influential families, thanks to TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting which debuted years ago. They’re renowned for their religious beliefs, lifestyle and large family size. But while they love sharing happy news with fans, the Duggars also occasionally post sad updates too.

Jubilee and Caleb Duggar were born in 2011 to Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, making them the oldest and youngest of Jim Bob and Michelle’s 22 children. Through many ups and downs in their lives, both girls have managed to stay strong – they live with their parents in Arkansas today, alongside other family members.

Michelle Duggar lost her first child, Caleb, during pregnancy. It’s an incredibly painful experience that the Duggars have said served as the catalyst for them wanting to have as many children as possible.

However, they fail to mention Caleb at all when discussing her loss. Either they made an effort to not mention him, or they may have chosen not to in order to keep things simple. But regardless of what the reason may have been, they should have remembered to include him among their 22 children.

Caleb Williams was a former friend of Jana Duggar’s and has been accused of sexually abusing a minor. In January 2019, The Sun exclusively reported that he had been sentenced to 62 days in jail and 18 months probation for the alleged offense.

He has been charged as a sexual offender in Illinois.

The 23-year-old is accused of abusing both himself and a 16-year-old between May 2015 and 2018. Additionally, he was charged with aggravated criminal sexual abuse.

He’s currently in custody and must register as a sexual offender once his probation period has been completed.

His family hails from Lincoln, Illinois and he was often seen with the Duggars while filming 19 Kids and Counting in Springdale, Arkansas. In January 2019, he pled guilty to aggravated criminal sexual abuse and received a 62-day jail sentence as well as 18 months probation.

In September 2017, he was seen dining with the Duggars and fans quickly began to speculate that he was courting Jana. Sitting at the end of the table, it appeared he was sitting with one of the younger Duggar girls.

However, in the photo he was wearing jeans and an untucked white shirt – raising serious concerns about whether he was suitable for Jana. As such, many viewers questioned his suitability for the role.

Another possible partner of Jana Duggar is Caleb Williams. He was seen hanging out with the family while filming 19 Kids and Counting in September 2017, but his appearance seemed off; his hairstyle was long and messy and his shirt was untucked.

Though his family hails from Illinois, he lived in Springdale, Arkansas at the time he was often photographed with the Duggars. After being accused of sexually abusing a 16-year-old, he was given a 62 day jail sentence for his alleged offense.

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