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The Miss America Organization Is Going Through A Period Of Change

The Miss America pageant is currently going through a transformational phase. The organization recently unveiled plans to stop judging women on their swimsuit appearance and instead ask this year’s contestants about social issues they care about and their plans to address them.

With this change comes a raft of new rules, such as an expanded definition of beauty. Contestants are now required to wear clothing that expresses their identity and be prepared to discuss how they plan on furthering causes important to them.

Unknown is what this change will entail for the pageant’s future and whether or not it will aid or impede its efforts to evolve further. Current leadership has come under scrutiny after former CEO Sam Haskell leaked emails that critiqued past Miss Americas on appearance, intellect and sexual lives.

State pageant officials across the nation have expressed displeasure with Carlson and Hopper’s management since taking over in January. At least two states, Georgia and West Virginia, have received notice that their licenses will be terminated as will Pennsylvania’s.

State pageant officials have also expressed dismay with the new swimsuit rule. “Nobody who believes in gender equality and women’s rights would welcome it,” stated Paul Perkins, a lawyer representing Georgia and West Virginia in a news release.

But the decision was part of an attempt to make the pageant more inclusive and empower women. He notes that swimsuit competition is just one part of this event, which last year changed to become Miss America Organization and boasted an all-female board for the first time.

According to their website, Miss America provides young women an opportunity to recognize and develop their personal strengths and talents while strengthening community leadership skills and building self-confidence. It is a life-changing experience.

This shift marks an important change for the Miss America pageant, which for decades had long been considered a bastion of conservative values. But these modifications will cause much discussion at this year’s competition and could potentially create tension and division within its ranks.

Change is coming as a result of a revolt by more than 19 state pageant organizations, with 13 calling on Carlson and CEO Regina Hopper to step down immediately.

Miss North Dakota Cara Mund, currently Miss America 2018, issued these calls after writing a three thousand word letter alleging instances in which she had been marginalized and bullied by two top pageant leaders who she accused of controlling, manipulating and silencing her over her one yearlong reign as Miss America.

She noted in her letter that her scholarship money had been taken away without prior consent, violating the pageant’s Terms of Service agreement, leading her to take legal action in response.

Carlson posted a tweet after reading Mund’s letter that she was shocked and heartbroken over her allegations, then added, “That is why we are asking Cara to resign from her Miss America position.” Her post quickly gained momentum among current and former Miss Americas who appeared on NBC News’ Megyn Kelly Today show to corroborate Mund’s allegations.

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