Instagram Highlight Covers Gym

Instagram Highlight Covers For Gyms

Instagram can be an effective platform for marketing your brand. Its algorithm encourages viewers to view your profile and follow you, which allows it to reach new audiences quickly. Just be sure you do it correctly: for instance if you run a gym make sure your Instagram highlights cover photo is visually appealing in order to attract more people into visiting it.

No matter your style preference or aesthetic needs, there is an assortment of covers out there to meet them all. Here are a few sets that we love as starting points:

Grey Instagram Highlight Covers by The Social Esthete are minimalist line art covers to set your brand apart from competitors. Each set of twelve high covers comes in subtle hues such as grey and peach for maximum effectiveness when advertising services subtly.

Elise Hunter Design’s Pink & Floral Insta Stories Pack is another set that’s ideal for contemporary brands, featuring minimalist illustrations that match up perfectly with the content of your highlights.

If you love plants, floral patterns will fit right in with your highlight page. Each element can be customized to your branding and color palette for versatile use with multiple highlight ideas.

Placeit is an online platform that makes creating beautiful aesthetic Instagram covers quick and simple, providing a range of aesthetic cover designs you can edit according to your preference.

Try Canva templates, which offer simple solutions that allow you to find a cover image that best represents your brand. Add text or stickers for further personalization of the image.

Canva offers many highlight cover templates that you can find by searching “highlight cover.” Once you find a suitable one, begin customizing it by changing fonts, backgrounds, and icons as needed.

To customize your design, select elements you would like to include and drag them to the circle frame. You can also adjust its size or position accordingly.

Create an eye-catching Instagram story cover easily and fun! Use it as an invitation for visitors to contact you with more information about your business.

Keep your brand cohesive on Instagram using this strategy to prevent miscommunication among viewers and appear less professional. When multiple designs clash, this can leave viewers confused and make your brand seem unprofessional.

Organise Your Instagram Highlights With Icons

Looking for an easy way to organize your stories? Try these retro Instagram highlight covers – ideal for both personal and business use! They come complete with over 20 icons for easy categorization!

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