Milwaukee Girl Falls Out Of Car

Milwaukee Teen Falls Out of Car

On Sunday morning, 18-year-old Lynette Trinkle of Milwaukee fell out of a car while traveling with friends. According to reports from NBC affiliate WISN, Lynette lost her balance and ended up falling out the window.

Investigators believe the woman was sitting in her front passenger seat when she noticed friends sitting on a window sill of another car and tried to do the same thing until she fell out. Police told NBC affiliate WISN that the vehicle had been traveling at least 40 miles per hour when she fell out.

Investigators believe she was on her way home from a party when she was picked up by friends. The vehicle was traveling at an excessively fast rate of speed, and people in the back were seen sitting on the window sill.

According to the medical examiner’s report, as she looked over at her friends, she began feeling nervous. So she asked one of them if it would be okay if she tried sitting on the window sill herself.

According to the report, she attempted to stay upright but eventually lost her balance and fell out of the car. Tragically, she was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police are still investigating the driver of the vehicle she was riding in, though police did not indicate whether they are facing any charges. Wisconsin state law states that drivers are fully responsible for any injuries sustained to passengers in a single-vehicle accident.

Her family has created a GoFundMe account to cover funeral costs.

Last month, Daetwan Robinson, 19, was arrested for the fatal hit-and-run of two sisters and their cousin in Milwaukee. He is charged with two counts of hit-and-run resulting in death as well as one count each of second degree reckless homicide, hit-and-run causing great bodily harm and second degree reckless injury.

On Friday morning, he was arrested at his home a day after the crash and is currently being held without bail at Milwaukee County Jail.

His family is appealing for anyone with information to reach out to law enforcement.

On Thursday, her brother Jeff Trinkle spoke to WISN 12 News about how the teenager “lived for the moment.” She loved to “ride on windows,” he said.

She reported that when her vehicle was going 80 or 90 miles per hour, the driver suddenly pulled up alongside her and she fell out of the car and lay flat for some time.

After she fell, her friends called 911 to report what had occurred. Additionally, they attempted to contact her parents.

Lisa Jessup, her mom, expressed shock and didn’t comprehend what had transpired. She expressed concern for her daughter who had just been dropped off at her sister’s residence.

She expressed that it was important for her not to have to worry about her daughter’s safety.

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