Curtis Brame Vance County Sheriff

Vance County Sheriff Curtis Brame Fired for Body Slamming

HENDERSON, NC — A Vance County school resource officer has been dismissed after video surfaced of him body-slamming a middle school student twice. Sheriff Curtis Brame confirmed Friday that Vance County Schools filed a complaint with his office regarding an assault by law enforcement officer on a juvenile. After reviewing the video, Brame turned it over to the State Bureau of Investigation for review.

Last week, deputies raided the home of a Townsville resident and discovered cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin and marijuana. This search warrant was granted after police received an anonymous tip and an additional investigation by a special agent.

According to a news release from the sheriff’s office, Sekius Rainey, 18 and a graduate of Guilford County High School were arrested and given a $20,000 secured bond by a magistrate.

After being pulled over for a traffic violation on Newton Dairy Road in the northern part of the county, Rainey admitted to deputies that he had been stopped on Newton Dairy Road for an offense. Additionally, he mentioned having a firearm stolen from Granville County.

On March 3rd, 2019 a search warrant was executed at 358 Townsville Landing Road in Townsville. During their investigation, deputies discovered cocaine, methamphetamine, marijuana and hydrocodone at the residence.

Tuesday night’s unofficial election results have reelected incumbent Vance County sheriff Curtis Brame by a wide margin, but voters also elected challenger Patrick Bailey for the position. These two candidates faced off against each other in the Democratic primary which has now concluded.

As Sheriff of Vance County, Brame has been an advocate for reducing violence and improving public safety in our communities. He is dedicated to working collaboratively with all local agencies to address criminal activity, reduce violent crime, as well as taking a lead role in decreasing crimes against women.

He has given his deputies the authority to be more proactive in addressing these problems and is always searching for ways to collaborate with other law enforcement personnel to effect change.

His efforts have yielded over a dozen arrests and several convictions for serious crimes. Additionally, he has implemented reforms that have reduced the amount of money spent on court costs.

The sheriff has expressed his approval of the state’s plan to construct a new jail in Henderson. He has requested that the board approve both a feasibility study and construction.

Despite these efforts, the sheriff’s office has had its share of issues in recent years. A state audit revealed that the department failed to conduct welfare checks on inmates and a string of assaults at the county jail prompted the sheriff to request additional support from his department.

The sheriff also announced that he has raised the pay of three deputies who have been out on leave since facing charges. He explained that these raises serve to motivate them while they are away on leave.

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