Is Holly Love Married

Is Holly Love Married At First Sight?

When you find love, it’s all you can do to hold on tightly. It may not always be easy but, when it does work out, the feeling is truly rewarding. Unfortunately, not everyone is so fortunate and their love lives become difficult along the way.

Holly Greenstein is one of the stars on Married At First Sight Australia and she recently experienced some bad luck. After matching with Andrew Davis on the dating show, it quickly became evident that their relationship wasn’t meant to be.

She is a cinema manager from Sydney who came onto the show hoping to find her ideal match so she could fulfill her dream of becoming a mother. Andrew, on the other hand, hails from Texas and moved here with his second wife four years ago; unfortunately their relationship didn’t last very long.

He was an irresponsible gambler, leaving his family with an enormous debt. Additionally, he abandoned Gabriel and didn’t speak to him for almost two decades.

Despite their difficulties, Andrew and Alison remained together and sought to have children. Unfortunately, midway through their time on the show they had an intense disagreement that caused Andrew to pack his bags and leave before their third commitment ceremony.

Now, she is happily single again and has shared some stunning photos with a new partner on Instagram. In one post, she described their new man as ‘loved up’, adding that they even took a road trip to the blue mountains together!

Her new boyfriend is unknown, but he was recently seen on Fitzy and Wippa. He is a photographer from Melbourne who was previously married to another model.

On a night out, Andrew and she fell in love. However, their relationship quickly turned into one of love-hate. After Andrew made it clear that his expectations for her sexuality made it difficult for her to feel intimate with him, she ended the date.

She went on to share that she has never felt so raw and vulnerable before in her life. Additionally, she expressed her fears of not being able to have children as quickly as desired.

Despite this, she hopes to find someone who will be by her side and assist her during difficult times. Additionally, she holds herself out as being very honest and requires respect when treated.

She has had a successful career as both singer and actress, appearing in films such as the 1920s jazz musical Claudette. Additionally, she has appeared in some ads for Rebel Sports and runs her own business called ‘Holly Love’.

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