Man Arrested In Greensboro

Man Arrested in Greensboro, N.C., After Threatening State College Security Guards

Brandon James Bentley, 27, from Greensboro was arrested after police say he brought multiple guns and hundreds of rounds of ammunition onto North Carolina State College campus and threatened security guards. Police allege he brought in revolver, handgun and two rifles as well as brass knuckles, hatchet, machete, crossbow stun gun 12 knives claws and baton for use against security guards on campus last Sunday – this includes brass knuckles.

This incident marks one of many disturbing campus-based events occurring nationwide as part of ongoing debate about race and social justice issues in America. Additionally, an incident at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill on Nov 19 wherein a white gunman shot an African American student has further raised concerns regarding anti-black violence at this institution.

Last week, Greensboro City Council instituted a 30-day promotional hold on all officers involved in incidents surrounding Yourse’s death. Citing an internal investigation conducted against officer Cole who violated department rules on use of force, public courtesy and arrest search and seizure practices during an arrest search seizure operation conducted against him while investigating this incident; Cole subsequently resigned his job while this process was underway and Guilford County district attorney decided against prosecuting any crimes arising out of it.

Following the shootings at Greensboro’s Ku Klux Klan rally, police were widely criticized for their handling of protesters at this protest rally. This incident attracted national media coverage, with reports that four victims who died during this march were members of CWP and were protesting racism; video footage captured of these shootings circulated worldwide.

On Friday, Thomasville Police reported to local news stations that they had arrested a Greensboro man suspected of filing fraudulent insurance claims at the Budget Inn in Thomasville. Officers were able to trace WIMBUSH’s involvement back to a motel room he was staying in when shooting victim Jessica Thompson was shot – leading them directly back into WIMBUSH’s stay and ultimately leading him and WIMBUSH being charged with three counts of financial transaction card fraud and one of obtaining property by false pretense.

As this story develops, we will keep you up-to-date with more details as they emerge.

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