Frequent Subjects Of Taylor Swift Songs

Frequent Subjects of Taylor Swift Songs

Taylor Swift’s songs often revolve around her personal life, especially her relationships. With so much attention focused on them and their famed relationships, it should come as no surprise that Swift would write songs about them. Yet her public persona and how she handles herself when dealing with love has had an interesting and distinct influence on her music.

This song by Taylor Swift is an emotive lament about losing one’s innocence of first love. Taylor uses imagery most people can relate to such as chess games, rainy skies and fires to express her emotions in this piece. This track stands out from others on this list as having greater emotional depth.

At this point in Taylor Swift’s career, this song could easily have become just another plaintive breakup track; yet it manages to stand out with its distinctive guitar work and impressive vulnerability in lyrics and performance. While Vulture suggests this track may be about Joni Mitchell (which makes sense given her plans to portray her in a biopic), we believe its meaning lies more with self-mythologizing that all can appreciate.

Taylor took a different route with this 1989 single, opting for a slower and melancholy sound. The song addresses the end of a relationship; she has explained in interviews that it was inspired by her personal experience of heartbreak. To express these emotions in song form, Taylor used images such as chess games, rainy skies, fires, Dear John letters and Dear John letters; it became an instantaneous hit that helped establish her as an artistic force within music.

This song, the first in this list that features prominently in Taylor’s love life, explores her experiences after having been left by an ex-partner, along with feelings of lost innocence that ensues from that event. Chess games appear prominently as an image in this song which was composed after Zayn Malik abruptly left their band and caused tensions to arise between themselves and Taylor.

Some fans believe this song may be about Jake Gyllenhaal, her former flame. It references various details related to Jake such as his astrological sign and actor status; also noteworthy aspects include its dark, brooding tone and imagery used throughout. Overall it’s an engaging and emotional tune well worth listening to during breaks or for motivation. Don’t forget our website provides all answers and solutions for the New York Times daily crossword for even more fun – good luck with that crossword!

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