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Love Is Blind: Japan Cast – Where Are They Now?

Love Is Blind is hard to miss. While some couples featured on its American version were explosive train wrecks, others went on to get married (or at least plan to) and become lifelong partners. After its success on Netflix’s original version, two international spin-offs – Love Is Blind: Brazil and Love Is Blind: Japan were ordered. Both feature similar formats – 11 men and 13 women divided into pods separated from seeing each other until one proposes marriage; but in Love Is Blind: Japan cast members tend to be more mature when handling conflict situations than their American counterparts do.

Love Is Blind: Japan opened with ballet dancer Nanako connecting with comedian Odacchi over their mutual passion for ballet and Pilates despite their age difference of four years. However, behind-the-scenes conversations revealed Nanako complained about Odacchi focusing more on his laptop and travel plans than their relationship; consequently the two eventually parted ways.

But the rest of Love Is Blind: Japan cast found long-term and satisfying relationships. Though many don’t appear active on social media platforms such as Instagram or Snapchat, those with accounts doting their happy faces! Here’s where the Love Is Blind: Japan cast is today and what they’ve been up to since their blind dates ended.

Priya has amassed over 19,000 followers on Instagram and is the most active participant of Love Is Blind: Japan cast. She regularly shares images showing herself paddleboarding at sunset, lounging under palm trees in the sun, and using CBD skincare. Priya exudes positivity – no doubt why so many are drawn to her content!

Salesperson Motomi quickly formed an intimate bond with hairstylist Ryotaro over their shared beliefs and mutual affection for chinchillas, eventually writing letters outside of pods to one another. Motomi and Ryotaro ultimately decided to marry one another – and are already expecting their first baby together!

Misaki and Kaoru were an enduring couple who never let anything stand between them and happiness in their relationship. So strong was their bond, they even wrote their vows together on camera! A lesson to keep in mind when entering new relationships.

Shuntaro and Ayano had such strong chemistry that they became the first couple to propose marriage on the show, as well as being one of the last couples to leave their pod. Together, their playful blonde companion and the stoic business owner seemed an ideal pair; even when Shuntaro struggled with communicating due to a hearing impairment.

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