Leonardo Dicaprio Blind Item

Leonardo DiCaprio Blind Icon

Leonardo DiCaprio has become a cultural icon for good reason. Ever since his breakthrough performance as Jack Dawson in Titanic alongside Kate Winslet, the actor has become one of Hollywood’s hunkiest men – not only as an actor but also through humanitarian work and environmental advocacy. All this fame and success brings with it intense scrutiny; recent reports involve vaping while listening to MGMT during sexual sessions as the latest scandalous claim about Leo.

Claire Downs from the Daily Dot reported this story, citing an anonymous source who claims they experienced Leo’s controversial sex technique themselves. This source recounts feeling the “vibe” when Leo took off his headphones for anal penetration accompanied by vaping and music from MGMT (who haven’t been major musical contributors for at least 10 years).

Downs explains that she found the “intimate moment” slightly uncomfortable due to wearing a bikini top; however, sensuality of their encounter was very pleasurable and that Leo knows how to bring out pleasure from one’s partner. The Daily Dot reached out to Leo’s representative regarding this report but have not received a reply as of yet.

What’s happening in Leo’s personal life is certainly intriguing: recently he has been linked to several models including Bar Refaeli (now dating Ryan Reynolds’ former flame Blake Lively). Prior to this he had relationships with Danish model Margot Robbie and Swedish Nina Agdal; there had also been reports that Leo and Gigi Hadid may have broken up in December.

Leo may find comfort re-creating Paul Rimbaud from A Bigger Splash as part of his personal hobby. Rimbaud party hardy drove Verlaine crazy but ultimately both learned from each other and fed off of each other’s artistic creativity; similarly, celebrities can often draw influence from relationships between co-stars when making movies.

Leo seems like one of the world’s most approachable celebrities, seemingly being equally grounded as he appears onscreen. He loves eating kale and wears T-shirts bearing inspirational messages. Additionally, Leo is well-known for his dedication to his roles, even working out and losing weight for The Departed and Blood Diamond; additionally he’s an animal rights activist but admits his fondness for cheeseburgers! You can watch Leo in forthcoming films such as The Rhythm Section and The Big Sick.

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