Liz And Jason Ready To Love Still Together

Liz and Jason Are Still Together in 2021

Ready to Love is an engaging dating reality show that follows successful black men and women in their 30s and 40s as they seek a partner. It boasts an enthusiastic fan base and boasts an impressive reputation as one of the most watched unscripted dating shows on TV.

Since its debut on OWN Network in 2018, the show has been a huge success and many of its romantic hopefuls have found their ideal partner. Unfortunately, some relationships just weren’t meant to be.

Liz and Jason Are Still Together in 2021

Contrary to reports that Liz and Jason had split up, Liz and Jason remain in a relationship. They’ve been seen together numerous times on social media platforms such as Instagram where they regularly post photos of each other.

Liz and Jason are one of the most beloved couples on the show, setting an example for how relationships work and earning themselves a plethora of accolades from viewers.

Though they are a beloved couple on the show, there have been some issues that ultimately led to their split. These difficulties include an absence of communication, lifestyle differences and more.

Ed and Liz from Season 3 of Ready to Love have officially parted ways. After their time on the show, the two became friends and even went out on dates together. But in April 2021, Ed asked Liz to be his girlfriend – officially ending their relationship.

Unfortunately, their relationship did not last due to some serious issues. Ed was so insecure that Liz witnessed his former coworker grab her arm and engage in physical combat at a party – an experience Liz described as a “f-cking up moment.”

When Ed saw this on camera, he became furious with Liz, telling her to abandon her ring and pack up her things before moving out. Additionally, he commented on Liz’s weight which infuriated her greatly.

She became so indignant about it that she ran across the street barefooted wearing a white dress and declared him to be “the most pitiful piece of sh-t she’d ever known.”

On her return home, she discovered her engagement ring and Ed’s phone still sitting on the table. Cryng, she told him she wasn’t ready for marriage and didn’t want to spend her life with him.

Liz was able to call him out on his sexism, and he agreed to stop making her feel like a victim. He acknowledged his insecurity but also shared how she had hurt him before; ultimately, Liz wanted her safety restored.

Now that they are back together, the two are relishing their new life together. They can spend more quality time together and discuss their relationship without feeling interrupted by cameras.

They’ve even taken several trips to Las Vegas, where they first met. They were spotted together on a cruise ship and have since been seen traveling together.

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