Ruby Beach Rogue Wave

Ruby Beach in the Olympic National Forest

Ruby Beach is a stunning, secluded beach located within the Olympic National Forest. It’s popular both among locals and visitors who love spending time on the shore. Plus, you can view an array of animals and birds that live nearby.

Near Ruby Beach, several attractions such as Tree of Life, Duncan Cedar and Bogachiel State Park draw in tourists with stunning views of the area’s unique landscape. These places are highly recommended for day trips or overnight stays.

The Tree of Life is an iconic Sitka spruce tree in the area. It symbolizes hope, optimism, and the unyielding spirit of life itself.

Tourists love taking pictures of the Tree of Life, which is only a short drive away from Ruby Beach.

Rubby Beach is also home to Bogachiel State Park, a 127-acre nature preserve with vibrant forests and numerous hiking trails perfect for those seeking some outdoor fun.

Near Ruby Beach, there are plenty of exciting activities to enjoy such as hiking, camping and fishing. Depending on when you visit, you may even get lucky enough to spot migrating whales or other types of wildlife!

When setting up your tent, ensure it is above the high tide line to protect you from rogue waves. Otherwise, these powerful waves could sweep away any gear submerged beneath the ocean surface.

If you’re planning to stay overnight at Ruby Beach, there are a few great hotels just a short drive away. The Misty Valley Inn is an ideal option with its lovely garden and hot tub. Alternatively, the 3-Star Olympic Suites Inn provides budget-friendly accommodation with laundry facilities and complimentary breakfast.

Other great options for accommodations near Ruby Beach include Kalaloch Lodge at Olympic National Park and Town Motel. Both hotels are just a short drive away and provide various amenities like a restaurant, convenience store, and more.

It is essential to be aware that there are no lifeguards at Ruby Beach, so it is recommended that you bring your own life jacket. This is especially true for kids.

Near Ruby Beach, there are plenty of dining options. Creekside Restaurant and Blakeslee’s Bar & Grill both offer delicious dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

When traveling with a dog, it is wise to bring along a leash so you can safely walk your pup along the shoreline. Additionally, wearing a harness makes walking your furry friend much more comfortable as they run along alongside you for exercise and exploration.

When visiting Ruby Beach, it’s wise to bring a lifejacket, first aid kit and some snacks. Additionally, you could pack a picnic lunch for yourself to enjoy while at the shore.

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