Is Anita From Plathville Trans

Is Anita From Plathville Transgender?

The Plath family may be back for another season of their TLC reality series Welcome to Plathville, but they’re far from being a happy collective.

The nine flaxen-haired children — Ethan, Hosanna, Micah, Moriah, Lydia, Amber, Isaac, Cassia and Mercy – live far away in rural Georgia with their “follow your own rules” parents Kim and Barry. Never having had a soda, not knowing who Spider-Man or Tom Brady are and not watching TV are just some of the things these kids have never experienced.

They belong to smaller home churches and express their faith by singing in a Southern Gospel band. Additionally, they homeschool their children, keeping certain temptations away from them.

Their strict parenting style is deeply rooted in their religion as Christian Fundamentalists, who take the Bible very literally.

Some have likened the Plaths to the Duggars, who also adhere to strict child rearing practices that are grounded in their conservative Christian faith.

Barry and Kim Plath’s children have often shown rebelliousness toward their parents, particularly Ethan. He has spoken openly in the past about his strained relationship with his parents.

He has also spoken candidly about being estranged from his siblings. He claimed he was “not allowed” to see them, making it a difficult situation for him.

Within a few years after Ethan and Olivia tied the knot, their differences between them became increasingly clear. Their lifestyles reflected different values and perspectives, leading to conflict between both families.

But it appears that both families are moving in different directions as the younger children grow older and begin exploring more of their own interests. Recently, Ethan – one of the oldest – moved to a new home that’s less than half a mile from his parents’ house.

This could indicate that Ethan and Olivia are developing their own individual identities apart from their parents.

Thus, their relationship will become much more complicated in the upcoming seasons of the show.

Some of the older children who grew up on the farm will soon be venturing out into society beyond their family circle. Ethan’s sister Moriah has left her parents’ home and is dating entrepreneur Max Kallschmidt.

Other younger siblings who appear to have adopted more liberal views than their parents have are Amber (studying math and science); Lydia, who appreciates languages; and Issac, a comedian.

Their youngest daughter, Amber, has a passion for missionary work and is dedicated to aiding orphaned children. Additionally, she’s an accomplished YouTuber with over 5,000 followers on the platform.

Kim and Barry also have another child who isn’t featured on the show: their eldest daughter Hosanna. She married and moved to Ohio with her husband.

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