Latania Janell Carwell Funeral

LaTania Janell Carwell Funeral

A funeral is being held for LaTania Janell Carwell, a Georgia teen who went missing in April 2017. LaTania Janell Carwell had aspirations to be a doctor and was considered one of the smartest students at her high school.

She was a member of the Greater Young Zion Baptist Church in Augusta and well-known for her quiet yet compassionate disposition. The community had a difficult time dealing with her disappearance.

After her disappearance, the community came together to search for her. A number of volunteers and community activists spearheaded the search, including Thales Elliott – someone who grew up with her and remembers her quiet soul.

Elliot, 83, is still grieving the loss of Carwell. He has been unable to sleep and struggles daily with grief.

On Saturday, April 14th at 1 p.m. at Greater Young Zion Baptist Church in Augusta, the funeral will take place. The family requests that no cameras be allowed inside the church during service.

Janell was beloved by those who knew her, being kind and beloved by both her friends and classmates. She excelled academically, loved to read, and had an impressive voice.

She enjoyed playing volleyball and volunteering with the Girl Scouts. Additionally, she served as a leader and role model to her peers.

Her family and friends are mourning her loss. Tanija Carwell, her sister; grandfather Charles Hall; uncles Charles Carwell and Augusta Edwards of Ga; aunt ShaDarrell Carwell; cousins; as well as members of her Augusta, Georgia extended family are left behind to mourn.

The Augusta Police Department is currently investigating the circumstances of Janell’s discovery in a wooded area off Golden Camp Road. A search for her had been underway for weeks.

On Tuesday, Richmond County Sheriff Richard Roundtree will hold a press conference to discuss the case with Augusta-Richmond County District Attorney Natalie Paine, Richmond County Coroner Mark Bowen and other officials.

Investigators have also been searching for her mother and stepfather, Leon Tripp and Tanya Tripp. Charged with two counts of murder and kidnapping, they could face execution if found guilty.

Last week, Leon and Tanya’s case against them took an unexpected turn when her body was discovered. According to a document released by the Augusta-Richmond County District Attorney’s office, Leon attempted to hire someone to kill their daughter by hiring a hit man.

Those involved in the investigation are demanding justice and hope to have those responsible arrested and prosecuted.

They believe the two are linked to a murder plot that began almost two years ago.

She was an enchanting woman beloved by her community and now gone forever. Her family is devastated, and will endure a life-long grief at their loss.

In this trying time, the family and friends of a missing teen are asking for prayers. The community is showing its support for them and their family.

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