051 Melly Death On Camera

051 Melly Death on Camera

Recently, tragic reports emerged of Chicago native 051 Melly (real name Yarmel Williams) being shot to death at a house party on Chicago’s South Side. At 27 years old, he was 27 years old at the time of his passing.

According to Hip Hop Lately, 051 Melly was at a house party on Sunday when he was shot by an unknown gunman. Police reports indicate that he was hit in both chest and abdomen.

He was also reported to have been hit in the groin.

His death was just the latest in a string of street killings that has gripped Chiraq recently.

The recent deaths of Black Disciples gang leader Lawrence Big Law Loggins and YMCMB rapper Capo have left Chicago’s hip-hop community in disbelief. But it is essential to remember that someone’s connections don’t guarantee they will become a threat on the street.

Many rappers boast gangster connections, yet not everyone shares the same reputation in the streets. It’s essential to remember that some artists simply aren’t cut out for this profession.

For instance, many rappers who are considered too wild and dangerous for the genre. Some even get labeled murderers by some in the street.

That is why it’s crucial to stay away from gangster rappers. Whether it be Lil Durk or King Von, there are so many others who don’t hold the same level of respect in the streets.

Although I cannot speculate as to the real reason behind the incident, I have seen some videos and will share a few below.

051 Melly was related to Woo and Dwill from the same set, Cortize and Cortney from TYMB, Curt Mac from MUBU and G Slim who founded NLMB No Limit.

He was also a member of the Black Disciples gang and an influential figure within Chiraq culture.

Given this history, it’s not surprising that he became the target of gang violence.

Melly had a reputation for being disrespectful in public and had become the subject of much controversy in the past.

Many were offended that he posted a YouTube video criticizing Lil Durk’s brother OTF DThang; however, in reality he was simply emphasizing that DThang lacks soul and is unworthy of being an effective rapper.

In the end, he was nothing more than a victim of gang violence.

In addition to his gangster connections, he was an inspiring rapper who strived to live life to the fullest. As a family man, those close to him need our support at this difficult time.

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