How To Get Congo Dreads

How to Get Congo Dreads

Congo Dreads are an eye-catching and exotic locs style, ideal for anyone wanting to make a statement with their hairstyle. Requiring minimal manipulation, it looks fantastic on all types of hair – particularly dark-skinned people! Here’s how you can achieve this stylish and eye-catching style.

Congos are ideal for beginners starting out on their loc journey as they require longer to grow fully than other loc styles. The creation process may take months or even years and results depend on how well dreads are taken care of – without proper nutrition, maintenance and protection they may fall out or be damaged quickly while with proper attention they could last years longer!

When beginning the journey to congo dreads, make sure your locks are thoroughly cleansed and treated. A high-quality dread shampoo should help nourish and protect against dry and brittle locks while adding ingredients that hydrate dreads while reducing split ends. A water-based moisturizer may also help ensure full and healthy-looking dreads.

As one way of fast-tracking the formation of congo dreads, crochet method can be an efficient and quick way to combine individual locs quickly and effortlessly. Although this technique is quick and straightforward, choosing an appropriately-sized crochet hook to avoid damage to your hair should be carefully considered so as to not compromise its integrity; its size should ideally be smaller than those locs you wish to combine.

Tieing congos together quickly and simply is another quick and straightforward way to create congos, especially on newer dreads which haven’t fully matured yet. Just remember that the number of rubber bands used will have an effect on their final look.

For a polished and sleek appearance, pair congo dreads with a middle part for an updated and sophisticated style. This hairstyle can help balance out your features, making it especially flattering on those with symmetrical features. Additionally, its sophisticated yet cool appearance make it suitable for formal events.

Drop fades are an elegant and sophisticated style perfect for accentuating freeform dreads’ length while creating contrast between top of hair and sides and back hair. While they work great with shorter styles, drop fades work even better!

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