What Is Morgan Wallen New Song

What Is Morgan Wallen New Song?

Morgan Wallen is an established country music superstar and poised to make even greater waves this year. Already, his new song from his forthcoming album has created quite the stir among his fan base; with over half a million likes on it on social media in just 24 hours since release – an indication that country may finally be catching up to other genres in terms of popularity!

Last week, country singer Tim McGraw shared an Instagram teaser of his new song with nearly 3 million of his followers on the platform. It features some lyrics and offers a glimpse into what fans can expect on his forthcoming album which is scheduled to release this March. However, its uncertain whether this particular track will make an appearance but fans certainly appear eager for more!

Country star Chris Young has had a busy few months as he prepares to launch his huge stadium tour, the One Thing at a Time World Tour. Set to visit over 30 stadiums, arenas and amphitheaters nationwide during its debut nationwide trek from East Tennessee native, Young took to social media this week offering three songs as instant downloads as a promotional strategy.

Wallen’s new tracks cover an array of themes, from personal struggles to his affection for Nashville. “I Wrote the Book” is an insightful song in which Wallen contemplates growing up with simpler life habits before admitting he may not be perfect yet – yet he takes things step-by-step to improve.

“Fighting for You,” is an upbeat and infectious song from country star Carrie Underwood that explores her desire to fight for those that she loves. This track includes special guest appearances from HARDY and ERNEST songwriters who’ve stood with Carrie since his racial slur controversy.

Songs from One Thing at a Time have already garnered over 22,000 comments from country music fans and some of its biggest names such as Cole Swindell, Yung Gravy, Carly Pearce and Ian Munsick have expressed their excitement for the album which will release March 3rd. Listen to new songs below or view the complete tracklist here; One Thing at a Time will officially drop March 3.

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