Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets Vhs

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets VHS

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets VHS puts him in peril at Hogwarts when He Who Must Not Be Named opens the Chamber of Secrets, unleashing Basilisk into Hogwarts for all to see. Harry is instantly terrified when his eyes meet the creature directly, but manages to survive thanks to a patronus charm cast by Dumbledore. Hermione discovers the monster’s shriek in an enchanted diary and she and Harry begin to suspect that Salazar Slytherin, one of the school founders, constructed his Chamber in order to produce a pure-blood heir capable of purging wizarding world from Muggles born before purging itself through its chamber. They investigate with help of caretaker Argus Filch’s cat Mrs Norris before eventually arriving at an old bathroom haunted by ghost Moaning Myrtle where they find an enchanted diary with clues for finding its source and location.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets was released on 15 November 2002 under Alfonso Cuaron as the second installment in his Harry Potter film series. Gary Oldman reprised his role of Voldemort with Michael Gambon reprising Dumbledore and Robbie Coltrane joining as Snape; screenwriter Steve Kloves wrote the screenplay while David Heyman and Chris Columbus produced it all.

This was the first movie in the series with a darker plot, exploring more serious topics such as racism and discrimination, with longer production cycles than previous installments requiring many months more work than was needed before. Critical reception for this film was mixed; nevertheless it remains one of its highest grossing entries worldwide and became its highest grossing film overall.

The first movie of a movie franchise holds a special place in fans’ hearts, from meeting its characters to immersing oneself fully into J.K. Rowling’s fantasy world; watching Hogwarts castle come into view for the first time will remain memorable forever; no DVD or theater viewing can ever match that experience; that feeling keeps people coming back for more!

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